Little black cat Georgie with Flowers

Georgie is a lovely little black kitten.


Some people think black cats bring bad luck. Not true of the collectors and fans of Georgie !
How can one resist those sweet, big golden eyes Georgie will take you the the realm of dreams and enchantment. We all need some gentleness in these times.

Georgie plays insideGeorgie and friends play inside

It is raining outside with a string wind. Cold and wet ! Georgie prefers to play inside the house. After all, he has many toys and his friends enjoy to come play with them. The curtains are not exactly designed to be used as a toy, tough. But how do you tell that to a kitten?

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  • March 28 2013 New card "Georgie plays inside" is released.
  • December 28, Xard "The Pumpkins" is sold out.
  • December 8, New Georgie is out!
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  • September 26, Georgie has his Facebook Fanpage
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  • September 15, 2012 New layout, Yay!

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